If I love someone that is you
If hate something that is time,
Longer the time without your presence, more I feel your absence.

I hate the day in which your presence is missing. No daylight shines better than your presence.
Because you are my sunshine.

I know distance helps grow love.
The only envy I now have is time.
I wish I could buy all that so that I could stay besides my sunshine forever and ever after.

You may not fathom how deep my love is, that I would even break the code that controls the time my shine, because you are my sunshine.

Note: This is another attempt to write a poem. Suggestions are always welcome 🙂



Days pass by yet hope hops
For the person who will never be part of life.
I am a dead end to my future if I keep it alive in me.
Though crazier part soothes me, there is a chance
Sane part of me, insists not at all

That very person who ignited the spark
In a place where brightest light couldn’t travel
Left me in a state of hollowness, now and forever forth.
But days pass by and hope still hops on

Light will light up darkness, as is the case
Shining would be hope yet again,
No darkness would dare to cross paths
This time light follows, prevailing
Days pass by yet hope hops.

             **** End ****

Note: I have never written a poem yet nor do I understand anything about it. I felt that i should go on with whatever that comes to my mind and post it here. I don’t intend writing poems as I am interested in story telling. I am struggling to find a genre yet but once I do, nothing will stop me.