“I am Shyam, you?” the boy asked Mohan. “Mohan, that wouldn’t trouble you anymore I guess” beams Mohan pointing to the bicycle. Both had two rounds of bicycle ride and got introduced at the third and were panting. It was good that Mohan had a company now. Mohan asks the boy after noticing for 15 days that these people don’t play anything and if he has any friends.  “Yes, I have many friends at school and in our colony” replies Shyam “Which school are you going take admission? Come to my school!” ask Shyam after knowing that Mohan was going to study here now. Shyam is 12+ now and goes to Cambridge school. Mohan says that he isn’t aware of his parents plan but can insist upon. “That works best!” Exclaims Shyam “What else do you play apart from cycling? Cricket, basketball, Ningorrucha, Hide and Seek or cards?” asks Shyam. “All of them, it is just that I don’t have my friends to play with, so for now I have been playing contra and watching TV whole day” Mohan tells the boy. “No problem! You have got a friend now and we have good gang out there in colony too, they are for now out on vacation so I am alone too. We cannot play cricket however can play cards if you want!” Shyam says excitedly. “No, I guess my Mom won’t allow in-house games at least this time. She insists upon me to go out and play outdoor games” Mohan says with little lowness in voice. “Oh, I think that isn’t a problem! We can play at my place!” Says Shyam in excitement and that worked for them as Shyam doesn’t have much of restrictions as long as he did something productive for himself. Shyam’s mother is a housewife and in a city like this there is hardly anything to do for anyone but for housewives I believe there is a lot. They can make food for their pupils and friends of pupil!

More will follow soon…stay tuned!


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