The post is continued from “The world of Sanity and Sincerity”…

There were kids from all ages. Some were skating, Cycling, playing badminton, cricket at every different corner of this D shaped colony. Mohan was cycling a 19th day no progress yet, hardly any friends. Mom and Dad had been good friends at home for him but actual friends are those where he can play with them on the ground or in some cases this D shaped road. The school was to start next week onwards until then Mohan had to face irony of being alone doing nothing. His whole day was in front of TV screen, either playing contra, racing game or cartoon. However his Mother had given strict warning after 5pm no TV and he would go out playing. “Mom, I don’t have any friends here yet! Who am I supposed to play with?” Mohan Said. “Unless you go out, you won’t make any”, replied Mom. “But they aren’t going to be my friends” Mohan tells his mom and leaves to play his bicycle. Today he counters’ a boy who lives next to his house, taking his bicycle out and fidgeting with its’ chain. Mohan thought he could help him but went against it. He took one round around the colony; the boy was still there trying to place chain in its actual position. Mohan thought he would be able to do it by himself as Mohan had himself done that after watching his Dad do that. After some three rounds, Mohan couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, can I help?” the boy didn’t pay attention and was busy with placing chain on its place, now all looking greasy. Mohan parks his bicycle and goes near the boy and says “I can fix that, do you want me to help?” The boy looks up frustrated “Sure, if you can, I hate every time it happens” Mohan “Looks pretty greasy huh? Looks like recently done oiling?” “Yeah” the boy says. Mohan asked boy to hold cycle tilted so he could begin his maneuver. It looked very simple, Mohan put half of chain on the chain wheel and moved forward peddle and within seconds chain was in its place. The boy seemed really eased and thanked Mohan for his help and asked if he could play with him….

More to follow on coming Sunday 22nd Jan.



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