It was cool evening, sun was about to set after illuminating its golden colors on the earth in this part of world. Mohan was having his bicycle ride in the locality. The place is called ‘Shanti-Niketan’ colony, means abode of peace. He is hardly 13 and has first time ever changed his school, unlike army people, their kids may never know when they have to say goodbye to their friends. Mohan knew when he was to change his school, he was more understanding.  He never complained his parents about his discomfort. They were loving and supportive. Today it was 15th day he was all alone without any acquaintances in the locality enjoying his bicycle ride. It is joy to cycle and good for health as well, especially people in 40s. Because they only work in office which doesn’t require much of a physical stress, go home eat dinner and sleep, no physical activity hence risk of being overweight. So it is always better that one does some exercise in order to stay fit, cycling is good option.  The locality is built in way that main housing line makes the shape D and then the D broken by a horizontal line in south side which has few houses too making one more road inside the colony. The road inside the colony is bigger than the main road at right side of D, hence more space to play on road for kids, and the road is less busy as it doesn’t link any main road. Inside this D is a garden as well which is now cemented as the grass was replaced by cemented tiles.  The place is pretty awesome to stay at, with cool people to chat with…more will follow on Wednesday 18th Jan.


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